What our customers say...

  • Tim (Brighton)
    "I had constant problems with Outlook freezing. TIG Computer Service found and fixed the problem. Now I can access my emails again!"
  • Peter (Moorabbin)
    "The Internet Guys stopped the popups I was getting whenever I used the Internet and got my computer running like new again! I would recommend them to anyone having issues with spyware and viruses!"

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  1. Our Services

    Our services include all computer repairs, services and networking. If you are looking for something not listed here, give us a call or enquire via our contact form.

    • Virus & Spyware Removal

      Services - Virus & Spyware Removal

      Has your PC become sluggish? Has your homepage changed by itself? Are you seeing popup windows every time you use the Internet? Chances are your PC is infected with Spyware, Malware and/or Viruses!

      Spyware & Malware are increasingly common and are often more destructive than traditional Viruses and Trojans. Spyware & Malware can collect personal information while you are browsing the Internet. Information such as the websites you visit, email and Facebook passwords, even your Internet banking login details!

      We can remove viruses and spyware, making your PC fast and secure. We can also install the latest Antivirus & Firewall software, preventing your PC from being reinfected. With your PC well protected, you shouldn't need to call us again!

    • Internet & Network Issues

      Having issues setting up your home network? We can fix or set up Internet access and file sharing between all computers in your home or office. We can also set up a secure wireless network to give you the freedom to use your laptop anywhere in the house and lose those ugly cables.

      Services - Internet & Network Issues

      Can't work out how to set up your new Internet modem? Sick off of trying to get help from your ISP's technical support? We can set up and secure your Internet connection, network or wireless network. We are experienced with ADSL, ADSL 2+, cable, wireless and dial-up Internet and can configure all versions of Windows or Mac OS including Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

      If security and privacy is important to you, we can install and configure firewalls and the latest Antivirus software. We are also experienced in securing wireless networks and updating wireless networks using outdated encryption methods.

    • Email & Outlook Issues

      Services - Email and Outlook

      Emails suddenly disappeared or you can't get into Outlook because of some strange error? No problem! We are experienced at diagnosing and fixing common (and not so common) email and Outlook issues.

      We can also upgrade you to the latest versions of Outlook while keeping all of your old emails and settings or help you transfer your emails to a new computer.

      Need access to your emails on the go? We can also set up your email addresses on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet.

    • Training

      Services - Training

      Are you new to computers or just need help with new, unfamiliar software? We are happy to help! Our patient technicians will explain everything to you in clear, plain English. We will let you learn at your own pace and help you with tips and shortcuts which will make using your computer a rewarding experience.

      Whether it's a PC, Mac, laptop, iPad or tablet, we can provide one-on-one training at your home or workplace.

    • PC Startup Issues

      Services - PC Startup Issues

      Your PC or Mac won't turn on or won't get past the loading screen? Does it freeze during start up or show a black/blue/white screen? We can diagnose the issue and replace the faulty hardware or software. If a software issue is the cause, we can perform a full backup before reinstalling Windows or Mac OS and your software.

    • Notebooks & Macs

      Services - Notebooks & Macs

      We can repair and upgrade any laptop, notebook, netbook, Eee PC, iMac or Macbook. Our technicians carry specialised tools and equipment for laptops, small PCs and iMac/MacBook computers.

      We can source a full range of iMac, MacBook and notebook hardware and replacement parts including keyboards, hard drives, LCD panels and memory at very reasonable prices. We will replace the faulty or broken component for you and provide you with a full warranty on our service.

    • PC Repairs & Upgrades

      Services - PC Repairs & Upgrades

      Is your monitor is on the way out? Your PC making noises that it shouldn't? Or are you looking for something a little faster? We can help! Whether you want to play the latest games or just use the Internet, our experts can upgrade your current PC or build something that meets your needs!

    • Wireless Networks

      Services - Wireless Networks

      We can set up a wireless network in your home, enabling you to use the Internet on your laptop or iPhone anywhere in the house. We will make sure that only you have access to your network, using the latest encryption methods. This will stop your neighbours clocking up your Internet bill or accessing your personal files.

      We are also experienced in securing wireless networks and updating wireless networks using outdated encryption methods.

    • New PCs & Laptops

      Services - PC Repairs & Upgrades

      Need a new PC or laptop? Whether it's for gaming, a home office or just for using the Internet and playing a little Freecell, we can custom build a PC for your needs. Our pricing is very competitive and of course our new PCs carry a warranty. Give us a call or shoot through an email for a quote!

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